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adminuser | 04 February, 2017 13:06

Is your child or children having issues when it comes to reading problems? Are they ending up behind other students when it comes to English reading, writing, and speaking comprehension? Perhaps your child is ESL or has English as a second language and you wish for him or her to learn how to speak bilingually. There could be many reasons behind why your kid is struggling to read, ranging from mental challenges, developmental issues, to simply already having a Mother Tongue or Lingua Franca from his or her place of origin. Thankfully, there are ways to address these comprehension hiccups and it starts by phonetic reading. Reading problems in young children should be dealt with ASAP while they're still developing their brain and language patterns before they're fully grown adults.

How ABC Phonetic Reading Helps Students and Professionals

* If your child has issues spelling a word or identifying a word that he otherwise would recognize if he were to speak it, then phonetic reading can do a lot to help him out. Voice actors and people who wish to learn new languages can also benefit from phonetic reading. A VA tends to acclimate better with different accents by phonetically inscribing them in a sentence.

* Once the sentence is spoken out, then that person can understand what he or she said after the fact. Even if that someone has problems speaking in English, phonetic reading and learning can assist him to better dissect or construct sentences. Once he or she is able to clear that learning curve and speak with a more fluent English speaker, then language pick up becomes almost second nature. In particular, phonetic learning is best done from the preschool years onward, while the child is still learning.

* It's your best bet when it comes to shaping the young child's mind towards literacy. The owner of the ABC Phonetic Blog started the ABC Phonetic Reading School back in 1988. He and a team of experts on early child development then developed one of the most comprehensive phonics programs in existence. He then started this blog in order to advertise his school and prove to people the effectiveness of his methodology. For more information about his school, visit the blog or call them at 1-800-LET-READ (1-800-538-7323).

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